Sensowatch awarded Prague voucher to fight COVID-19


We are sending big congratulations to our colleague Marek Paneš and his Sensowatch for being awarded with grant financing via Prague Voucher. Sensowatch develops smart IoT solutions for healthcare and social services sectors, focusing in particular on emergency situations early detection systems. At the moment, it is about to launch a project with potential for large-scale societal benefits, aiming to develop an IoT-based temperature measuring sensor for protection against COVID-19.

The system will be designed for contactless measurement of temperature of individuals entering a building, alerting relevant staff to any person whose temperature exceeds acceptable threshold with accuracy of tenths of a degree Celsius. The device won't need an operator, hence relinquishing the need of exposing personnel to the possibility of infection during contact with the entering individuals. Furthermore, the device will be significantly cheaper than the other currently available systems using, for example, professional thermal imagery, which will make it very affordable for a wide variety of potential users.

The main task of the system is prevention against COVID-19 (but also other febrile diseases), in particular the identification of individuals that might be carrying the virus into retirement homes, homes for the disabled, special regimes facilities, or other residential and outpatient social services facilities. However, the potential for deployment of the devices is much wider, as it can be used in offices, office buildings, hotels, entertainment complexes, and many other places.

Sensowatch will cooperate on the development of the sensor with the Czech Technical University in Prague, specifically with our partners from the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings. We wish Sensowatch best of luck and we firmly believe that the project will be successful, enabling (not only) Czech institutions and companies to fight the pandemic more effectively.