The Autumn Semiannual Meeting of the EPDOR Group successfully behind


This year, the autumn semi-annual meeting of the EPDOR group took place in a very pleasant venue, the U Jeňoura winery in Prušánky, Southern Moravia. As usual, together with colleagues from EPDOR International, EPDOR France, AGEMSYS Development, and Sensowatch, we reviewed the ongoing fiscal year, talked about current and planned projects, discussed medium and long-term strategy, business channels, possible product and client synergies and other organizational issues.

The forecast towards the end of the fiscal year shows that the up-til-now regular and significant year-on-year increase in the Group's turnover (EPDOR grew from CZK 5 million in 2015 to CZK 36 million in 2020) is unlikely to take place. However, this development is due to the postponement of some pre-negotiated projects due to the CoViD-19 pandemic. That is why we do not lack optimism even at this moment. The group's goal remains at CZK 100 million by 2025.

Of course, a social part of the event could not have been left out. This time, it took the form of wine tasting in the wine cellar. We are quite certain that no team member would be angry if this environment will have become the standard for semi-annual meetings. 

Thank you all who participated!