The spring 2022 semiannual meeting successfully behind us


This year, the semiannual meeting for representatives of individual companies within the EPDOR Group had been held slightly after the regular date. With our colleagues from EPDOR International, EPDOR France, AGEMSYS Development and Sensowatch, we met at the premises of our office in Vokovice, Prague. As usual we evaluated the current fiscal year, presented the ongoing and expected projects, discussed medium and long-term strategy, assessed existing and potential sales channels, examined possible product and/or client synergies, went over organizational matters, and finally shared an anecdote or two. We topped the meeting with a nice lunch together.

Since the previous fiscal year recorded a drop in an otherwise steep turnover increase over the last 7 years of the company's existence, this year's forecast, regardless of how much we are trying to tame it, seems to promise a threefold increase in turnover compared to 2021. We expect the combined turnover of all companies touching the 100 million CZK threshold at the end of this year, which has long been the goal we have set for ourselves to achieve by 2025.

The driving force of this success has been EPDOR International, which has been experiencing an exceptionally successful period, reaping the benefits of the excellent work of Tomáš Košík and Honza Tománek, who managed to build solid relationships between EPDOR International and both the European suppliers and the Asian clients. The other subsidiary companies, AGEMSYS Development and SENSOWATCH, which were only established last year and the year before the last, respectively, have also reached positive numbers, which speaks volumes of a positive trend in their development.

We would like to thank all the participants for their fantastic work and we look forward to future encounters.