We are keeping up with the trends in small electromobility


In September, we visited the town of Boskovice were the annual Small electromobility conference was held. What did we learn? Among many other things, we got updated on the trends and developments regarding (both new and second-hand) e-vehicle prices, took away a few tips and tricks regarding charging options for homes and small businesses and last but not least, we learned how can these small businesses and private citizens apply for and acquire funding for their transformation to electromobility. The often unwarranted reservations of Czech motorists regarding the range of e-vehicles and the question of (in)sufficient charging infrastructure was also discussed, along with how frequently do people in fact need to charge the batteries outside their homes. Finally, we talked about the potential nexus between charging stations and photovoltaic systems, which we having been paying close attention to at EPDOR recently. We are glad to register hightened interest of small enterprises and private citizens in this technological synergy.