Study of the impact of the development of infrastructure for alternative fuels on energy savings in transport

The aim of the study is to demonstrate the impact of the development of infrastructure for the use of alternative fuels on accelerating the introduction of more efficient propulsion in passenger transport with a direct impact on reducing energy consumption in the transport sector. .

Energy projects

Wind farm 26 MW project support

SENVION is an company mainly delivering wind energy solutions since in the market since 2002, they are offering skills and expertise in safety , design, build, operate and maintain of wind farms. EPDOR was awarded with the cooperating contract in order to support SENVION in assessment of the qualification for the SENVION commissioning team and to make sure the project document submission is in line with the Czech Republic legislation.

Increasing commercial activities in the Middle East

Flash Steel Power provides development, production, sale, export and import in the wide range of metallurgical materials especially for power industry, special steel structures, pressure vessels, piping prefabrication and it is one of the important suppliers of pipelines and technological assemblies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The cooperation with of EPDOR & FS started as business development advisory assignment for Egyptian energy market. and later with the support of EPDOR Ankara representation the cooperation was expanded and continued in Turkey targeting biogas and energy markets.

Preparation of data center construction

The aim of the data center project was to define the energy and data connection options, determine the site conditions and restrictions and identify associated project risks.

Expert consulting for solar energy market

JUFA invests in clean sources of electricity. Jufa's portfolio of operational PV plants has reached 69 MW. The company, which currently owns 22 solar facilities, had acquired its largest PV project in November 2017, the 22 MW Brno Tuřany project. The Jufa group is planning further acquisitions in the Czech solar market. For Jufa, EPDOR provides expert consulting for solar and other renewable energy market.


International projects

Due diligence of energy client in Germany

EMCP AG is primarily engaged in the search for raw materials, drilling data analysis, modeling of feasibility studies, preparation of documents for permitting mining, engineering, supervision on projects, construction and economic controlling. EMCP and EPDOR completed a due diligence study for coal-fired power plants and mines in Germany.

Increasing commercial activities in the CEE and Middle East

U.S. Metals was established in 1980 and provides refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, and other related industries with a vast readily available supply of piping components. As a business development partner, EPDOR provided advisory services to USM in order to discover market potentials and encourage more active operations in Central Europe and Middle East.

Strategic partner for commercial activities in the Middle East

LDM is a respected control valve manufacturer from Czech Republic with its own strong design team. Company covers complete manufacturing process by own capacities including foundry. The main objective of our collaboration is to further develop and strengthen the intranational market growth and identify potentials for Middle East and Asian markets.

Engineering and delivery supervision

The cooperation with BOMAFA consist in designing the technical solution based on specific requirements from end user including securing comprehensive engineering n and delivery. The product is quick closing butterfly valves used in the fuel system of supercritical boilers 1000MW.

Technology export to the Middle East

MONTI is the company from the Czech Republic which focuses on monitoring of processes, controlling and automatization of technological units. Its specialization is mainly in the area of petrol stations, petrochemical, power engineering, and small and medium-sized industrial operations. Our collaboration provides advisory for international market growth targeting specific market of Afghanistan, Egypt, and Iran.

Identification of suitable foreign projects and business development

in January 2018, SIGMA and EPDOR signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of identifying suitable projects of pump supplies in international markets with focus on Middle east. EPDOR provides services in project management and SIGMA is focused on designing and manufacturing of pumps.

Business development advisory for Middle East market and France

KOMIX is a Czech company with 25 years of tradition and experience in IT. It specialists in supplying custom designed IT systems and applications as well as integration and transformation projects. KOMIX also provides consulting services related to the information systems development as well as quality assurance, testing and operation. EPDOR provides business development support , international market communication & negotiations targeting Middle East and Western Europe (France) market.


Strategic projects

Product portfolio diversification

MVV Energie CZ is a parent company of a dynamically developing energy group operating primarily in the regions of Moravia, North Bohemia and Vysočina. In total it employs 555 people. The companies focus primarily on the generation and distribution of heat, generation of electricity, supply of drinking water, discharge of waste and rain water, and the provision of electronic telecommunications services. EPDOR prepared an economic evaluation to identify MVV's product portfolio diversification solutions. The working team assessed 11 new technology solutions.

Development of business strategy

ZAT focuses on the development, design, production, installation and servicing of electronic equipment and control systems. EPDOR supported ZAT in the development of commercial strategy and business processes for conventional energy department.

Setting up controlling and reporting processes

The goal of the project was to monitor the existing reporting and to create additional reports and processes, which improved and increased the efficiency of the management of MPOWER Engineering, especially with its gradual use across MPOWER group.

Procurement consulting project

CEPRO primarily provides transportation, storage and sale of petroleum products in the Czech republic. In this area, provides transportation, storage, and special services to other entities. Its mission is the protection of stocks of state material reserves. Also operates its own network of petrol stations under the brand name EuroOil. The goal of the procurement consulting project is to streamline and improve procurement processes.


Nuclear projects

Cooperation in the nuclear area

UJV and EPDOR signed in February 2016 a cooperation agreement with the aim of identifying suitable projects on international markets. EPDOR provides services in project management and UJV is mainly focused on designing and engineering activities, promoting the safe and efficient operation of nuclear and conventional power plants, fuel cycle chemistry and comprehensive services for the management of radioactive waste.

Business development advisory on several international markets

IT-S is a German middle-size company producing equipment mainly for non-destructive testing. Until now, IT-S was active at the German market, becoming the strongest player in Germany. Since 2017 IT-S decided to go global and choose EPDOR as support at several international markets (CEE, Maghreb, Middle East). In 2017, EPDOR completed the commercial strategy.

Advisory services for qualification for French market

ZAT is among the four companies in the EU, which develops, manufactures, designs and provides their own instrumentation and control systems for the primary circuit of the nuclear power plants. The Czech Republic, thanks to ZAT, belongs among the world suppliers of the most advanced control systems for nuclear power plants. The objective of the advisory services is to complete qualification process for the supply of ZAT's instrumentation and control system on the French market.


Digitalisation projects

IoT transmission technologies assessment

The goal of the project was a complex assessment of established and emerging IoT transmission technologies and their potential applications in the realm of electricity distribution. A team of EPDOR experts along with experts from ČEZ Distribuce analyzed the technologies and prepared a list of recemmondations for the relevant IoT transmission technologies, in relation to pre-defined use cases, such as remote value reading from electricity meters, seal break, fuse break, et cetera.

Digitalization strategy project

Prazska plynarenska is the regional natural gas distributor in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague. It supplies natural gas to almost 422 000 customers in Prague and in the adjoining areas of Prague. It is the fourth largest gas distribution company in the Czech Republic. Since 2011 the company has a license for trading with electricity. In 2017, EPDOR completed a complex digitalization strategy project for Prazska plynarenska.

Financial solutions for energy and industry

PREFIS delivers software applications for national banks and multinational corporations. The aim of the cooperation with EPDOR was to launch a new application of cash flow solutions for small and medium enterprises in the fields of energy, industry and petrochemical industry in the Czech Republic.

Application of smart IT solutions in energy sector

Tech Data group is a leading global distributor of enterprise computing products, software and services, combining its business partners with more customers and more solutions. The aim of the cooperation was to promote new applications of IT and IoT solutions with selected key utility customers in the CEE region.

Implementation of digital IoT network

The strategic objective of CEZ Teplarenska is to secure production, delivery and sale of heat to end customers in all locations in which the CEZ Group owns and operates sources convenient for economically effective and ecological production and delivery of heat. It owns approximately 200 kilometres of heat feeders and distribution systems, 205 heat exchanging stations, a coal heating plant in Proboštov and over 60 gas boiler plants of various types, designs and power. EPDOR provides solutions for data collection and transfer from existing heat meters using LoRa Internet of Things network.